Wise and Otherwise Trivia Game

Aptly described as Confucius plays Balderdash.  
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One player is designated as the Reader each round. That player reads the first part of an old saying or proverb to the group, and states the country of origin for that proverb. The remaining players must secretly write an ending for the proverb and pass it to the Reader, who collects all possible endings.

The Reader shuffles the submissions, and then reads each ending aloud for the group. Players must then vote for the ending they think is authentic. A player gets 2 points for each vote that their submission receives, and an additional 2 points if they vote for the correct ending. If no player votes for the real ending then the Reader is awarded 3 points.

Once a player has earned 20 points, the game is over. If there is no winner at the end of a round, then the next player becomes the Reader and this process repeats.

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