WildLife - Wolfgang Kramer 2003 Uberplay Survival Game.
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Players control up to 6 types of creatures indigenous to different regions of land. Each player takes the role of one of the creatures & tries to expand their herd and learn new abilities. As long S there is enough room in the region for all the animals, The creatures can live together in harmony. Otherwise Battles erupt amongst the creatures for control of the region. Now the success of the creatures depends on how well they adapt to the new terrain. Which creature will grow their herds & develop the best strategy for survival. Will it be man, The Bear. The Mammoth. The eagle, The Crocodile or Snake?? This is a Game of luck, Strategy, communication and creativity! A Game you will want in your Game room! The pieces have been organized and wrapped up and ready for safe shipping The box also has been wrapped in cellophane to protect the box and pieces for shipping purposes. There is a very small scratch on the side of the box. Please see the picture. Other then the small mark the game and box are in like new condition!!

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