Warcraft III Reign of Chaos Thrall Orc Warchief

Thrall is the only son of the orc chieftain, Durotan, who was killed by assassins during the First War. As an infant, Thrall was found by human soldiers and raised as a slave and gladiator. Educated and trained in the arts of war, Thrall yearned for freedom and a chance to know his own people. The inexperienced Thrall escaped from bondage and set off to find others of his kind.  
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Thrall found the lethargic orcs and vowed to free them from their imprisonment and their demon curse. Studying the orcs’ ancient rites of shamanism, Thrall learned how to wield the fury of the storms and earth. He succeeded in rallying his people and freeing them from the human internment camps. For his honor, optimism and courage, Thrall was unanimously elected to be the new warchief of the orcish horde.

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