San Francisco is not so sunny anymore. Resources are depleted. America's foothold in space has slipped to the Russians. And now, a new threat hangs over New York.
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This is the near future of the United States, where a bleak turn of events has left the once-flourishing nation gripped in a war for energy against a brutal Russian force. Having commandeered a powerful US space station, harvested solar energy and decimated the City by the Bay, the Russians are pulling ahead in this new space race — and this time, the safety of New York hangs in the balance.Climb into the firepowered, agility-enhancing battle suit of Sam, a sleek government agent charged with changing America’s fate, as he attempts to Vanquish the dark Russian plot. In this fast, fluid and frenetic battle of extra-global proportion, you become the ultimate weapon — and the one hope for defeating the enemy. Wielding a superhuman agility for martial arts, as well as the futuristic technology to blast through battle, you will possess everything you need to conquer the Russians in epic outer-space combat. Charge through the eerie open environments of a gigantic space station. Take down cold robotic foes. This isn’t just a space race — it’s all-out war. Will you Vanquish the enemy, or will the City that Never Sleeps be put to rest for good?

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