Unlimited Saga

An earlier hero, Iskandar, led a crusade but was stopped short of his goal. Players must resume his quest and discover his fate. <br><br>Seven characters -- Laura an ex-pirate; Mythe, an inventor; Ventus, a novice carrier; Armic, a Chapa creature; a phony fortuneteller, Ruby; Kurt, an Outland knight; and the ten-year-old genius wizard, Judy -- can be used as a main character, each with widely different abilities. Players begin their adventure in an inn, find an assignment, and begin exploring a dangerous, and intriguing, world. Iskandar's doom must be uncovered.
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Unlimited SaGa tells the story of a world trying to discover the secrets of its ancient past. Seven ancient machines are scattered across many different climates, and popular legend hints at the vast powers hidden with them.

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