UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

In UEFA Champions League 2006 - 2007, you'll feel the weight of history as you walk out to a deafening roar and onto the biggest stage in soccer.
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Take on the most formidably talented footballers in Europe – and outplay them. Collect, trade and play your way to European glory with a unique card system that allows you to hand-pick everything from your squad members to your match strategy. Build your dream team, back it with carefully-selected Staff, Training, Morale, Fitness and Healing cards, then deal killer Gameplay cards at key moments to influence games. Watch and play as the stadium comes alive with the dreams of thousands. Here history is made – write yourself into legend with the only official UEFA Champions League game. Recreate or customize the real-world groupings of the UEFA Champions League Tournament — tackle some of the most memorable moments from various stages of the UEFA Champions League tournament for a shot at a variety of demanding Final scenarios Go into The Lounge and invite up to seven friends to battle for European supremacy.

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