The Secret Saturdays Beast of the 5th Sun

THE SECRET SATURDAYS game is an action-packed adventure platformer filled with dozens of challenges and mysteries to uncover. The player takes control of Zak Saturday and his family the Saturdays, scientific explorers dedicated to protecting the secret artifacts and mysterious creatures known as Cryptids located through the world. Zak’s power to influence Cryptids gives him access to dozens of different play styles and abilities that he’ll need to locate hidden Cryptids and discover the evil plans of V.V. Argost.
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  • Storyline – Original storyline based on THE SECRET SATURDAYSTV series
  • Art style, sound effects, and music are 100% authentic – All audio pulled directly from the show sound vaults and all voiceovers provided by the original television cast
  • Over 45 playable characters – Play as Zak and the entire Saturdays and many key Cryptids that Zak can influence
  • Solid and robust gameplay – A perfect mix of combat, puzzles, and platforming mechanics add up to a truly fun and authentic experience
  • New Cryptids – Find and collect over 35 never before seen, all new Cryptids, plus many other Cryptids from the TV show

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