The Manhattan Project Second Stage

The Manhattan Project: Second Stage is four new expansions in one! Use them alone, together, or all combined for more strategic options than ever in the race to be the ultimate nuclear superpower!
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Personalities: Meet the real pioneers behind the Manhattan Project, each with special always-on powers at your disposal.

Hydrogen Bombs: The ultimate bomb, built with a precious new resource and capable of doubling a bomb’s point value.

Rockets: The latest in military technology! Strike at your opponents from afar!

Nations 2: More Nations! Claim a national role and activate its unique ability.

22 Cards
– 7 Nations
– 5 H-bombs
– 5 Lithium Deuteride Plants
– 5 Rocket Factories
5 Rocket tracks
4 $10 Coins
5 Rocket tokens
3 Sheets of general supply boards
5 Reference Sheets
1 Air Strike Overlay
7 Personality tokens
25 Lithium Deuteride cubes (Orange)

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 120 minutes

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