Summoner Wars Grungor'd Charge Reinforcement Pack

Oldin of the Guild Dwarves has called for aid, and his brethren have answered!
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The headstrong champion Grungor has arrived. He is always eager to rush into battle, and he has brought with him the priest Tordok who uses defensive runes to protect his fellow Dwarves. Joining them is the vicious fighter Halvor, who would gladly sacrifice himself to land a killing blow on an enemy soldier. These mighty champions are followed by the stoutest of Dwarf warriors known as Guardsmen, whose armor lets them shrug off blows that would fell ordinary folk. And the Dwarves have not stopped there – joining the fray are ancient siege weapons. Dwarven Ballistas are stronger than those employed by other folk – they fire bolts that can punch straight through solid stone!

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