Rock Blast

SynopsisWhile contemplating the beauty of the mists surrounding a volcano at the edge of your village, you hear a slight rumbling in the distance. Before you know it, you're running for your life and watching your village get stormed by earth-shattering lava.
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In a fight to save what’s left, you and some prehistoric dinosaur companions need to think fast and move even faster to shoot the lava rocks before it’s too late. Do you have the skills of a true hero, or will you lose control to the wave of rising rubble?Save your village from a volcano blast by destroying dangerous lava rocks. By matching three or more of the same colored rocks and working with your loyal (and upgradable) dinosaur companions, you can stop the blast. Journey through all 99 levels in the traditional Story mode and perfect your timing and your aim in Time Attack and Survival modes. Even beginners can have a blast thanks to the straightforward controls.

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