Nsync Barbie

Barbie and her friends are big fans of super boy band 'N Sync, and they've got the posters and backstage passes to prove it! Barbie is dressed in pedal pushers, with tie-dyed, cropped T-shirt and canvas bucket hat--both emblazoned with the 'N Sync logo.
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This pop fan comes with a cardboard sheet of pop-out ‘N Sync posters, “magazines,” and “autograph book.” Barbie has a lever in her back that, when pressed as she holds the ‘N Sync poster in the air, makes her hands sway back and forth in true groupie fashion. When her arms are down, pushing the lever makes her sway and groove to her favorite ‘N Sync tunes. She comes with a CD featuring the hit song “Bye, Bye, Bye” and two ‘N Sync “On Tour” collectible cards that go with the ‘N Sync UNO game

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