Natural Doctrine

Devise and execute survival strategies as you attempt to defeat a brand-new evil lurking beneath the fortress city of Feste and warn the kingdom of its arrival.  Journey deep within the caves beneath the city to harvest Pluton, an incredibly valuable material, with seasoned and inexperienced explorers.

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Unleash your strategic wit in a turn-based battle system that provides heated combat between large numbers of friends and foes on a massive battlefield. Unite with fellow explorers and fight for survival together in co-operative play, or look out for number one in versus play #151; you can even take on the identity of a nonhuman species. Stay enmeshed in the fight no matter where you are thanks to cross-play and cross-save abilities that allow gaming on compatible consoles (requires separate games, not included). Enjoy the versatility of Japanese and English voices, plus helpful English text.  For 1 to 2 players

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