National Geographic Mountaineering Monopoly

Can't fit Mt. Everest into your schedule? Well, now you can! Lace up your hiking boots to take on the most magnificent mountains in the world.
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In 2001, a new Monopoly game edition was released. This game is called National Geographic Mountaineering Monopoly. Just by the name alone, we can safely assume the game was designed for those who like National Geographic as well as hiking or mountains.

The game comes with these pewter tokens:

  • A climber,
  • A yak,
  • A canteen,
  • A hiking boot,
  • A rope,
  • A tent

The interesting part is that instead of plots of land, you’ll be buying and renting out mountains. Additionally, the game shares several interesting facts about the included mountains, such as their height and location, but not only.

Luckily, in this Monopoly edition, you don’t need any hiking experience, just a play partner at the very least and at most 5 other players above the age of 8.

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