Magic Pengel Quest for Color

A mysterious voice tells you that you can use the Pengel to draw whatever you like, and that the shape will become your companion on your quest. You draw a simple shape to become your first Doodle, however, the Doodle falls off a cliff and is rescued by a girl. Then it runs away. After lecturing you, the girl introduces herself as Zoe, then introduces her (foster) brother, Taro. She takes you to the arena where a tournament is being held and teaches you how to duel. You win, and Zoe gets ticked off at the kingdom's guards for taking some of the Color you won as tax.
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The story begins when you (the main character – this character is never shown or given a default name in order to keep with the “second person” feel of the game, however, it is implied that the unseen character is a young boy) wake up in someone’s yard and sees a Pengel.

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