Clever & sneaky goblins! Think you can escape the wrath of Rigor Mortis while you slink about his lab, hoping to filch a dusty tome of arcane lore? Beware the withering looks of the Dark Overlord and the terrible punishments of his dreadful spells! Standing on one foot, holding a card on your head or talking with your mouth closed are only a few of the dire punishments that await you if you earn the wrath of an angry Dark Overlord.
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Have you the luck to push one of your fellow goblins into his path? Maybe he’ll punish them instead! There is no way to measure how smart a goblin is. Do you believe them? Are you brave enough to find out? If you are, sneak into the private library of Rigor Mortis and see if you can claim a magic tome for your own. Beware! The Dark Overlord stalks the shelves seeking his own dark treaties. Can you avoid his withering gaze and escape his terrible spells? Maybe you should use the teleport over there. Style and Colours May Vary. For ages 8+

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