Imagine Family Doctor

Become the new beloved doctor in town! Diagnose and care for patients who come to your office and save the town from an unknown epidemic.
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Game developer Ubisoft brings you a fun, doctor-themed game for the Nintendo DS — Imagine: Family Doctor. You’re sure to become the new beloved doctor in town as you diagnose and care for patients who come to your office. And as you progress, the whole town will eventually turn to you to save them from an unknown epidemic.


Become the Town’s Doctor
Before you can stave off the epidemic, you’ll meet and care for patients as you learn about their symptoms and medical history. As you gain trust and become the town’s doctor, you’ll diagnose patients in fun mini-games, and then give healing advice and write prescriptions.

Learn New Skills and Techniques
Continued education is an important part of any medical field, and being the family doctor is no different. You’ll learn a host of new medical skills and techniques from other doctors, and even receive advice that will help you grow your practice. There is more to this game than technique and bedside manor. As the town’s doctor you’ll eventually need to solve a great mystery and save the down from a dangerous virus. Without your help, this plague could overrun the town and all your patients.

Customize Your Office and Make New Friends
For added fun, you can customize your office to create a welcoming environment for your patients. Choose from a wide array of color palettes and furniture layouts that fit your style. And you can even make friends in town with a number of different characters, such as the funny shopkeeper, the clumsy actor, and the Zen Doctor.

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