EA Sports Rugby 2005

The passion, action and thrills of rugby explode on to the scene in Rugby 2005. This global phenomenon combines tough hits, quick kicks and clever plays to deliver a sporting competition like nothing else on Earth.
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Best of all, the helpful Training mode gets rugby novices quickly up to speed, so anyone can enjoy the intensity and challenge of this unique game. Incredible realism and dazzling graphics draw you in and treat you to an authentic rugby experience.Rugby 2005 features all the major rugby teams, players and tournaments, including the Tri-Nations, Super 12 and more. Control all of the action and set plays on the fly, dive while tackling, deliver (and avoid) punishing hits and unleash killer fakes to confuse the defense. Use the all-new Creation Zone and make players based on your likeness or your favorite players. Team songs and crowd chants from around the world make you feel as if you’re in a real rugby stadium.

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