Bit Trip Saga

Bit.Trip Saga is an enhanced compilation of the series' six original WiiWare games. Retro-designed 2D levels are converted for portable play in full 3D. Players guide the game's hero, an 8-bit sprite called CaptainVideo, in trippy rhythmic shooting, fast-flowing platform levels, and explosive boss fights.
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The games’ play styles should also be considered retro, with simple mechanics that become increasingly challenging to near-impossible levels, providing a lasting challenge for hardcore players. The original Bit.Trip Beat plays like a musical version of Pong. Players move a paddle up and down the side of the screen to deflect projectile blips, which come in patterns to the beat of the background music. Bit.Trip Core is similar to a rhythm-based game of Asteroids, with colorful, fixed-screen shooting. In Bit.Trip Void, players guide a ship through a moving maze of barriers and projectiles.

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