Bella Sara

Roam through this dazzling fantasy land and lavish your affection on the magnificent, spirited horses who are eagerly anticipating your arrival.The world of the popular card game comes to life in Bella Sara. Explore this dazzling interactive world and roam the magical trails of North of North. Befriend six gorgeous horses that you can ride, care for, accessorize and trade with friends, and activate a special horse exclusive to the game. Live out your dreams of horse ownership by taking exquisite care of your horses, grooming them and maintaining their stable to keep them healthy and happy. Throughout the world of Bella Sara you'll discover exclusive cards you can activate on the Bella Sara website for even more delightful fun.
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Enter a realm filled with amazing fantasy horses waiting for your tender loving care. This is the magical world of Bella Sara, filled with beautiful horses you can call your very own.

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