Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2

Atari's Greatest Hits Vol 2 is the second release on the Nintendo DS handheld platform of the most iconic games from Atari's library.
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Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2, delivers 50 more iconic Atari games to the Nintendo DS. The compilation game simply gives you the best of Atari’s arcade and 2600 games. With 50 games on one cartridge and available multiplayer and iconic favorites, the fun never ends. For those who love the classic gaming experience, this handheld breakthrough is sure to guarantee hours of fun on the go.

Play anywhere, any time on the DS Games Included – Adventure – Return to Haunted House; Secret Quest Mind Games – A Game of Concentration; Backgammon; Basic Programming; Brain Games (2 player support); Code Breaker; Maze Craze (2 player support); Video Chess Arcade – Asteroids Deluxe; Black Widow; Crystal Castles; Liberator; Major Havoc; Millipede; Red Baron; Super Breakout; Warlords (4 player support) Action – Canyon Bomber (2 player support); Circus Atari (2 player support); Combat (2 player support); Combat Two (2 player support); Demons to Diamonds (2 player support); Desert Falcon; Off-the-Wall; Radar Lock Racing – Fatal Run; Night Driver; Steeplechase; Street Racer Arcade at Home – Breakout; Crystal Castles; Millipede; Super Breakout; Video Pinball; Warlords (4 player support) Sport – Golf; Double Dunk (2 player support); Realsports Basketball (2 player support); Realsports Soccer (2 player support); Super Baseball (2 player support); Super Football (2 player support); Video Olympics (4 player support) Space – Qua

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